GRAILS Mystery Box

GRAILS Mystery Box

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Grails Mystery Box
Randomly Assorted Items in a box. 

What's in the Box? 
The items can vary between shoes, clothing, & accessories. 

What are the brands inside the Box?
We will only be packing the hottest "Hype" items in the box based on the sizes and tier you've selected. 
Some of the brands are Bape, ASSC, Supreme, OFF WHITE, Adidas, Nike, grails merch.

How Does it work?
1. Select up to two shoe sizes.
2. Select up to two shirt sizes.
3. Select up to two pants sizes.
4. Select a mystery box tier.
5. Within the next business day, we'll ship out your mystery box from the sizes and tier you've selected. 
6. Enjoy your new Grails Mystery Box!